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Newport Acquisitions, LLC. is an early stage investment and growth consultancy firm comprised of seasoned business veterans and entrepreneurs with deep business, marketing, finance, and technology backgrounds.

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Private Equity

Newport Acquisition, a private equity investor, provides early stage capital investment funds for promising, forward-thinking companies. While our current investment focus targets the addiction industry, healthcare industry, Cannabis, and Vape industries, we are not limited to these industries.

We focus on investing in well-managed companies. While your leadership team does not have to be complete we need to know that the company has the ability to attract talent. The existing leadership needs to be comprised of smart, committed, creative and resourceful professionals who are willing to accept our business counsel and allow outside management if necessary. Additionally, the size and growth of the market is crucial to a company’s success and impacts the ultimate size of the ROI. Therefore, markets must have the potential for substantial expansion. Growth needs to come from an increased demand rather than gains in market shares.

The product or service being offered must be unique and serve a genuine need in a cost effective manner. Newport Acquisitions looks for products and services that possess real value or satisfy a need without requiring a significant change on the part of the purchaser or end user. Newport Acquisitions is looking for preeminence. The entrepreneurs we invest in possess a fundamental and detailed understanding of the competitive matrix in which their business operates. We need to be assured the company has, or potentially could have, dominance in their market.

Many entrepreneurs demonstrate passion, belief, and vision, yet for most “Seed” investors, that’s not enough. There are critical components that must exist to attract investment capital. Newport Acquisitions is currently funding “Early Stage” Ventures. Capital investments range from $250,000 to $5,000,000.

We are currently accepting executive summaries for investment consideration for businesses that demonstrate the following characteristics:

A Compelling Business Model

Candidates must have a compelling innovative business model and a deep understanding of a big challenge or opportunity addressed by their venture, while offering an elegant solution. This is the starting point for getting venture investors interested, but it is not enough. The concept alone does not make a candidate fundable. You have to possess the rest of the value points below.

A Strong Core Team

Candidate must have a strong core team. While the team does not have to be complete, there needs to be a functional team in place to build the entrepreneur’s vision. And the team must have both E.Q. and I.Q. skill sets.

Competitive Advantage

Candidate must demonstrate that the venture has a true competitive advantage, short term, and long term. Such advantage must endure. All real ventures have real competition and the candidate must be able to prove why their business model is superior to the competition.

Market Opportunity

Candidate’s venture must first be able scale to a national or international footprint offering big picture growth. Secondly, the venture must provide significant value in a market that is new or has been undeserved.

Financial Projections

Candidates must be financially packaged for investor consumption. Entrepreneurs must be able to provide financial forecasts, and be ready to structure offering documentation such as a Private Placement Memorandum.


Of critical importance to us is evidence that your venture is viable. Are there existing customers, beta clients. Is there trending growth? Do you have a credible advisory board. Qualified businesses must have existing revenue are are seeking growth funds.

Newport Acquisitions, LLC. is not a broker-dealer or a broker or a “finder” of any kind, and does not sell any securities of any type in any capacity. Newport Acquisitions, LLC. has never received any compensation for securities sold in any capacity, nor has Newport Acquisitions, LLC. charged up front fees for anything other than business consulting services or document creation.

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