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Newport Acquisitions, LLC. is an early stage investment and growth consultancy firm comprised of seasoned business veterans and entrepreneurs with deep business, marketing, finance, and technology backgrounds.

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Financial Packaging

Many of the businesses we consider for investment are not properly packaged for investor consumption. Before we, or any investors within our network will consider capitalizing a business, such business must be financially packaged.

Listed below are the type of the financial packing we provide:

Marketing Plans

Marketing plan development should extend directly from market assessment and positioning development. The plan should synthesize key strategic elements, and direct downstream marketing efforts including marketing mix, branding, advertising and social media integration. We offer marketing plan development solutions that drive growth.

Business Plans

We engineer institutional quality business plans designed for both individual investor and institutional investor consumption. Business plans are inherently constructed for internal planning and evaluation and are not designed and a legal investment document.

Strategic business plans meet specific needs of a company in various stages of its life. We specialize in the creation and preparation of the Private Placement Documents that should accompany all business plan where the entrepreneur is seeking financing. Included in this service is a comprehensive review of your business plan.

Private Placement Memorandums (Reg D, Reg S)

A private placement memorandum is most commonly used for companies seeking capital. Along with a business plan a private placement memorandum is arguably the second most important document for entrepreneurs. Aside from the business plan, a private placement memorandum is vital to raising capital, both from the standpoint of professionalism, and for the need to protect oneself.

A private placement memorandum is also referred to as ‘PPM‘ for short. A PPM is an essential document and element to be used when seeking capital. A well written and structured ppm benefits both the investor and the one that writes the PPM.

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