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Newport Acquisitions, LLC. is an early stage investment and growth consultancy firm comprised of seasoned business veterans and entrepreneurs with deep business, marketing, finance, and technology backgrounds.

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Business Strategy & Modeling

In a world of accelerating competition and shorter time frames, a business strategy is more crucial than ever. Yet many organizations struggle in this area. Most often not with formulating their business strategy, but with analyzing it, getting down to level of details and the pure essence of value creation in their business.

Our systematic, evidence-based methodology brings together all activities of strategic management. Together, we analyze the market and the external environment, we assess their current position, we determine ambition and vision. We also define the strategy and we create an adequate business model for delivering it.

Listed below are the type of investments we make or refer:

Strategic Planning

We help clients improve or formulate new business strategies to ensure a solid performance and success within their markets. We help with structuring, validating, and evaluating cross-functional decisions that will enable an organization to achieve its long-term objectives.

Business Modeling

Many corporate organizations and management teams struggle with creating the overview of their business. Management’s concern on how their organizations creates, delivers, and captures value. How their organizations need to organize themselves to secure a sustainable position is paramount. Business models raise questions related to innovation processes, internal organization, marketing, and strategic management. Thus, business model design is a crucial component to business success. We help companies develop strategies and business models positioned for the future.

Business Planning

Business planning is a vital component to successful businesses, and many businesses do not allocate enough resources to engage the practice. Business planning is a critical roadmap for business success. In a world of accelerating competition and shorter timeframes, the activity of road mapping and goal setting becomes tricky for corporate organizations. The complexity, speed, and intensity of today’s business challenges corporate organizations and business units in their journey to business success.

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