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Newport Acquisitions, LLC. is an early stage investment and growth consultancy firm comprised of seasoned business veterans and entrepreneurs with deep business, marketing, finance, and technology backgrounds.

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Business Growth Strategies

We focus on creating new sources of growth in economic environments of rapid change. Combining first-class consulting skills and thought leadership with a track record of entrepreneurial success, we help clients develop innovative strategies, bolster innovation capabilities, and generate new ideas for products, services, and business models. We make recommendations that are highly actionable and our approach centers on having seasoned experts collaborate deeply with clients.

Listed below are the business growth strategies we provide:

Revenue Performance

Our services are aimed at accelerating profitable revenue growth and, as a result, improving earnings, cash flow and valuations. Our unique approach and proprietary methodologies result in highly positive outcomes for both startup and mid-market companies in a number of industries.

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is a vital tool for focusing sales and marketing resources on the “sweet spot” of the market, for tailoring messages to match customer buying values and to guide pricing decisions.

Sales Force Effectiveness

We help clients improve the effectiveness of their sales force so they can be more productive in converting new sales leads into revenue.

Marketing Strategies & Implementation

Successful organizations align the sales force size and skills with their market strategy for targeting customer segments. We develop comprehensive marketing solutions designed to maximize client’s position within the market place.

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