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Newport Acquisitions, LLC. is an early stage investment and growth consultancy firm comprised of seasoned business veterans and entrepreneurs with deep business, marketing, finance, and technology backgrounds.

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Current Investment Focus

Newport Acquisition's current focus with investment, M & A, and business consulting services targets the following market segments.

The Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Industry

The addiction and mental health treatment industry is rapidly changing. Out-Of-Network treatment centers are under assault by the Insurance industry as insurance claims payouts are both pushed down and slowed down, and as treatment centers are unable to gain access to In-Network contracts there's an obvious strategy of putting centers out of business. Add in increasing hyper-competition and the lack of expert management within many treatment centers, and the writing is on the wall. An industry collapse and consolidation is imminent. We see a huge opportunity here and smart centers will position themselves for this collapse and consolidation. Newport Acquisitions is both acquiring and asset lending to qualifying treatment centers.

The Healthcare Industry

With aggressive consolidation continuing within the healthcare industry, we see major opportunity. Understanding critical changes are coming from new legislation affecting the insurance industry, healthcare providers will go through a strategic metamorphosis with some hospitals, CINs, and physician networks requiring additional capital to thrive in this new economic environment. Such capital infusions, primarily used for marketing and technology, will play a major roll as providers will have to expand their reach within their respective regional markets. Next generation marketing strategies need to be implemented, in order to extend this reach, such as social engagement and aggressive SEO. New technology initiatives will include app-enabled patient portals, Telehealth, text communication, remote patient targeting, as well as implementation of EMR & CRM platforms.

Cannabis Industry - From Seed To Feed

Legal marijuana distribution sales are projected to reach $20 billion by the year 2020, up from $7 billion now. The growth opportunity with Cannabis is unprecedented with mainstream investment moving aggressively into this market space. Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Colorado have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Five states including California, Arizona, Nevada, Main, and Massachusetts currently have legalized marijuana initiatives for adult recreational use while four other states, Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota are proposing legalization for medicinal purposes. And, 25 others states and the District of Columbia legalized medical marijuana for possession and distribution. We are seeking early stage investment opportunities within this burgeoning industry.

Vape Industry - E-commerce Plays

Vaping is the next generation alternative for tobacco cigarettes and the market for vape products is growing at a staggering rate. Advantages such as an improved sense of smell and taste, numerous flavor varieties, adjustable nicotine levels, and odor free experience provide for great advantage over traditional tobacco cigarettes. The number of vape shops have increase to over 8,500 since 2008 with sales of e-cigs and supplies exceeding $3.5 billion with the market expected to grow to a $50 billion dollar industry by 2025. E-Cig revenue growth is showing gains not seen since the tobacco industry of the 1950s and 1960s with at an estimated CAGR of 22.36% from 2015 to 2025. We are seeking targeted e-commerce investments within vape industry.

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is simple. Target extraordinarily high growth markets with long duration life-cycles, finding talented management teams with first-to-market business opportunities.

Private Equity:

We are currently accepting business plans for investment consideration for innovative mid-stage start up businesses.
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Mergers and Acquisitions:

Our specific focus for M&A is within the addiction treatment industry. This year, 2017, will be the year of the addiction industry's collapse and consolidation. We both are buyers and have buyers ready to exit qualifying centers.
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Asset Lending:

Currently, our target industry for asset lending is the addiction treatment industry. In addition to lending, as a part of our addiction center acquisition strategy, we are offering bridge funding to assist centers with working capital as they go throw the acquisition process.
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Grant Funding:

Funds are available to assist treatment centers, and we an can assist with grant placement. The Opiod Commission, chaired by Governor Chris Christie, has allocated $1.7 billion for grants; the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has $1.9 billion available in grant money for dependency/opiod issues; the Veterans Administration (VA) has $485 million in grants available for opiod issues; and the DOD has $335 million available for drug dependency issues.
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Growth Consulting Services

Using proven analytical methodologies and proprietary, research-intensive processes, Newport Acquisitions is uniquely qualified to help you achieve your business planning, growth and funding goals. Our team is extensive with broad and deep experience.

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Total Completed Funding $15M

$15M 2016 Total

Potential Target Clients

10 2016 Funded

Protected Investments

$100M 2017 Estimated

A look back at a successful 2016 Investment year.

Looking back, 2016 was a good year for Newport Acquisitions as we helped a handful of businesses take their growth objectives to the next level, funding over $15 million dollars in early stage capital. This year we are substantially increasing our funding goal of placing $100 million in investment capital.